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August 11 - 13, 2017
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Buckles, Ribbons

The following buckles, ribbons and awards are available as of
Aug 13, 2016 - 08:03 PM MDT
All-Around Cowboy Dr. David Silverman, DC, CME
CLS, Custom Health Services
All-Around Cowgirl Team Connect
Keller Williams Santa Fe
Grand Marshall Southwestern Ear Nose & Throat
Brian Helander
Community Hero Cameron Veterinary Clinic $300
Rodeo Director Alan Tomalavage $300
$300 each
$300 each
Bull Riding Antonio Darden Fine Art Animal Nutrition Solutions
Steer Riding John Michaels Melissa Pessarra
Chute Dogging Cowboy Frank & Husband Tom Keller Williams Santa Fe
Calf Roping on Foot Todd Godfrey Eldorado Animal Clinic
Break Away Roping Chalmers Capitol Ford Sonoran Gay Rodeo Association
Barrel Racing Deer Treck Ranch First Mortgage
Pole Bending Range Cafe Robin Pilley
Flag Race Voorhees Law Firm Rainbow Man
Team Roping Clint Mortenson
Steer Decorating
Bryan Howard & Brad Daughtry
Goat Dressing Frederick Snoy
Urology Group of NM
$300 $300 $300
Wild Drag Race Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico Equality New Mexico Foundation Colorado Gay Rodeo Association
Roping Chute $750 Cameron Veterinary Clinic
Bucking Chutes $500 each
HomoRodeo.Com Plaza Cafe South Side
Team R&L Real Estate
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First posted Jan 13, 2015
Last update Aug 13, 2016